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Pure wool jumpsuit with braids pattern

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Produciamo tutti i nostri prodotti in Italia e le nostre maestranze specializzate rendono i nostri capi unici e inimitabili.


Sia i nostri tessuti che i nostri filati hanno la certificazione OEKO TEX 100 che garantisce massima sicurezza per la pelle e la salute dei bambini.


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- 40 gradi in lavatrice

- non centrifugare



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Baby warmer onesie made of pure merino wool, soft, breathable, hypoallergenic and of the highest quality.

The pattern is made up of a series of vertical braids on the front that extend throughout the onesie, a white ribbon also in pure hand-spun wool which, with its arrangement, gives the idea that the onesie has a braided bib applied.

The hand-cut collar applied to the onesie is in piqué and trimmed in wool. On the back of the collar there is an opening with 3 mother-of-pearl buttons to facilitate the entry of the baby's head.

The crotch features an opening with mother-of-pearl buttons for ease of insertion.

- Material : 100% "Zegna Baruffa" merino wool

- Production : Made in Italy

- Washing : 30 degrees in the washing machine (do not spin)

- Construction : Customizable in size and colour

- Certificates : OEKO TEX 100 (safety certificate for children's skin)

- Processing : Hand embroidered and entirely lowered.

- Buttons : Mother of pearl

- Packaging : Shipped with gift box and company shopper.

- Disposal : 100% biodegradable


Heartwarmer - Sustainable fashion for children

Welcome to the Scaldacuore world, where we produce high-end clothing for babies and children, with a bon ton, timeless and timeless style, rigorously made in Italy. Our production is artisanal and innovative at the same time, respectful of the environment and attentive to the needs of children.

A story of creativity and vision

The designer Rosaria Marrali, creator and founder of Scaldacuore, was only 10 years old when she knitted her first wool sweater for the birth of her little sister. One day she saw her mother using a Singer hand loom to make a sweater for her brother. She was so fascinated that the desire to create something of her own prevailed in her and, shortly after, she completed her first garment by machine. He embroidered the edges by hand with the technique called "shrimp point", using 3 mother-of-pearl buttons for the closure on the front, details that made his first garment unique, a simple but very refined Scaldacuore, which then gave its name to his brand founded in 1995. Rosaria Marrali did not aim to make her name known to everyone but she was interested in letting people experience what she felt when she dressed her children with garments made by her own hands: the joy of seeing her own children dressed with taste and above all to feel sure of the quality of the raw materials used. Its production, its Scaldacuore brand, its company, had to be synonymous with quality, refinement, uniqueness and above all maternal warmth.

Today, decades later, that legacy has remained engraved in the company mission and is carried out entirely in Italy, with eco-sustainable raw materials, traditional manufacturing techniques, skilled labour, creativity and inimitable style.

We are willing to make many sacrifices in order to honor the commitment to create "Made in Italy" garments and bring the true Italian style all over the world, under the banner of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Fabio Palumbo



Our mission is to offer high-end children's clothing with the best possible quality/price ratio, through the production of sustainable and high quality garments. We are a point of reference in the world of sustainable fashion for children, especially in knitwear where we are able to stand out for materials, quality and style.

We offer our customers a vast choice of colors and models and establish solid and lasting relationships with them thanks also to the possibility of dressing children from birth up to 8 years of age. Our passion for fashion and our commitment to a more sustainable future drive us to constantly seek new solutions to improve the quality of our products and reduce our impact on the environment.

At Scaldacuore, children are at the heart of everything we do and we work every day to ensure they are as comfortable and safe as possible.


Our commitment is to leave a better world to future generations and for this reason the company is focused on true sustainability, i.e. social, environmental and economic.

Social sustainability

Social sustainability is about the impact the fashion industry has on society at large. This includes working conditions for industry employees, respecting human rights and promoting equality and diversity. The fashion industry has often received criticism for the working conditions of its employees, especially in developing countries. There have been cases of child labour, excessive working hours and too low wages. Social sustainability involves creating safe and healthy workplaces, respecting human rights and promoting an inclusive and diverse corporate culture.


We only purchase raw materials that have certificates and guarantees such as GOTS certified organic cotton which guarantees fundamental rights to all workers in the supply chain, starting with protection from workers who grow cotton, preserving their health and their dignity as workers and as beings humans.

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability concerns the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. This includes reducing the industry's carbon footprint, reducing waste and using sustainable materials. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world, with a large amount of waste produced every year. Environmental sustainability involves reducing waste, using sustainable materials such as organic cotton and merino wool, reducing the use of toxic chemicals and recycling materials.


We only use pure yarns (no synthetic fibers such as polyester and viscose) and we intend to use only gots certified cotton by 2025 which would guarantee a 95% reduction in water use compared to normal cotton, elimination of pesticides, rotation of cultivated land guaranteeing the lifelong fertility of the soil, dignity for the workers and biodegradable as well as easily recyclable products.

We currently have a production waste equal to 2% of the raw material purchased and we intend to bring it to zero by 2025.

We use "combed" and not "carded" yarns, which means that they do not have to undergo a washing treatment during production, reducing the use of drinking water.

Using only mother-of-pearl buttons.

Home washing of our products does not pollute the water because the dyes used for the yarns and fabrics we use are non-toxic and guaranteed by the OEKO-TEX 100 certificate.

by 2025 we will activate the "second life" and "new life" services, collecting all unused products from our customers free of charge to put them back on the market (second life) or transform them into packaging for new products (new life).

By 2030 we will make our plant carbon neutral and we will ensure that for every product put on the market there is another that is transformed, recycled or reused, creating a 100% circular economy.

Economic sustainability

Economic sustainability concerns the impact of the fashion industry on the economy. This includes creating sustainable jobs, boosting the local economy and fighting poverty. The fashion industry can have a positive impact on the economy, but it is important that this impact is sustainable over time. Economic sustainability involves creating sustainable jobs, supporting the local economy and fighting poverty, not only in developing countries but also in local communities.


We produce almost all the products entirely in our factory in Spigno Saturnia (LT) and for the few products that we do not produce internally, we collaborate with specialized and competent small and medium-sized production companies on the Italian territory. We intend to expand these collaborations by introducing new products and create synergies with companies that have our same vision of the future, in the name of sustainability and respect for all workers.

Our products

We specialize in newborn layettes, offering our customers blankets, rompers, hats, shoes and many other items in pure organic cotton and pure merino wool.

In addition to the layette, we specialize in sweaters for babies and children, offering items such as cardigans, crewnecks, shrugs and sweaters exclusively in pure yarns and with fine workmanship such as the "dropped sweater".

Our fabric trousers, shirts and dresses are of the highest quality, produced exclusively with GOTS certified organic cotton fabrics with OEKO-TEX 100 certification.

By joining the world of Scaldacuore you will be part of a real family, made up of extraordinary people who put love and expertise into every product, aware that they are working for a company that intends to do good.

Because we use merino wool

Ideal for autumn and winter, merino wool is a precious fabric that Scaldacuore uses in the production of its garments. Thanks to its softness, resistance and ability to retain heat, merino wool guarantees a product of the highest quality and long-lasting. All of our wool is purchased from the Zegna Baruffa lane borgosesia spa company, leader in the sector and specialized in yarns for children, in fact they use non-toxic dyes.

Because we use GOTS certified organic cotton

Ideal for spring and summer, organic cotton is another fabric used by Scaldacuore in the production of its garments. Thanks to its ecological manufacturing, which does not use chemicals harmful to the environment, organic cotton guarantees a safe and high quality product for children. In addition, the organic cotton is soft, resistant and breathable, ensuring optimal comfort for children who wear the Warmers. All of our Gots organic cotton is purchased by Iafil spa, an Italian company specialized in this type of cotton which provides us with the Gots certificate for each supply, necessary to guarantee regular traceability.

For advice, information and interesting news you can go to our blog.

For any other information contact us via whats app on 3208491643 or by email at

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