Cotone organico certificato GOTS: Caratteristiche

GOTS certified organic cotton: Features

Naturally, organic cotton has all the benefits and characteristics of classic cotton (for further information, see the other article cotton: characteristics and benefits ) but the cultivation and manufacturing process is unique.

GOTS certified organic cotton must be grown according to strict rules to protect the soil, water and workers' health.

Here is a table summarizing the cultivation and production differences between cotton and GOTS organic cotton:

GOTS Organic Cotton

No GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).

Healthy soil due to spraying of organic matter.

Soil always alive thanks to crop rotation.

Natural defoliation due to atmospheric agents.

The dyes used have a low environmental impact.

Guarantee of fair work throughout the textile supply chain.

Standard Cotton

Treated with fungicides and insecticides, often GMOs.

Polluted land due to the use of synthetic fertilizers.

“Dead” ground after a few years of intensive use.

Defoliation induced with synthetic chemicals.

Dyes with a high percentage of heavy metals and sulphur.

Exploitation of cheap labour.


We could translate the advantages of GOTS organic cotton into::

- Substances harmful to the environment and human health are banned.
- The earth is not exploited and then abandoned, but enters a regime of rotation.
- Minimum wages for fair work are guaranteed.
- Farmers are protected against forced labor and child labour.
- The physical and mental health of workers is taken into consideration.

As in food, even for clothing it is essential to pay attention to the products we buy. The advantages of organic cotton on the ecosystem and on the health of the workers in the supply chain are immense and if in the next few years we manage to convert most of the textile production from artificial and synthetic fibers to GOTS organic cotton fibers we could actually reduce our negative impact we have in terms of water consumption and environmental pollution on our planet.

One last thing, the warmers are produced exclusively with natural fibers (pure wool, pure cotton and pure GOTS organic cotton) and by 2024 all our products will be in 100% GOTS ORGANIC COTTON.

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