Il cotone: caratteristiche e benefici

Cotton: characteristics and benefits

Cotton is the most used natural fiber together with wool. Thanks to its composition (95% cellulose), the cotton fiber is characterized by good resistance to wear and washing.
Soft, breathable and hypoallergenic, cotton makes these characteristics its strong point, so much so that it is used for summer garments but above all in the creation of clothing for children and babies.
Not to forget the absorbency of cotton which, according to the Sewing and Craft Alliance , can hold up to 27 times its weight in water.
This fundamental property causes cotton garments to absorb perspiration and humidity from the body, which combined with breathability allows the fabric to "breathe", thus making it suitable for children's clothing because it facilitates thermoregulation and guarantees maximum well-being.
As far as washing is concerned, cotton does not require particular care: you can use detergent or soap for laundry and it resists temperatures up to 60°, however, attention must be paid to drying and therefore avoid direct contact with the sun's rays and if stored moist it can be attacked by molds and bacteria.

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